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Neck Chillers

To promote our summer sales, we're giving away FREE STUFF with the purchase of every refreezeable Neck Chiller.  Details below. 

Are you tired of the hot sun beating down on the back of your neck when working outside, gardening or doing yard work?  Just imagine the soothing comfort of having an icy cold pack on the sides and back of your neck.  AND, our Neck Chiller provides INSTANT RELIEF for those annoying hot flashes!!

Kawabunga Coolers is proud to offer our Neck Chiller to make to make your summer more enjoyable.  And, please don't confuse our Neck Chiller with the old fashioned neck cooler you may have bought years ago.  The old neck cooler used beads and evaporation to cool the neck, could not be washed no matter how funky it got with sweat and dirt (Yech ! ) and didn't last very long either.

Our Neck Chiller uses a rugged high-tech strip of non-toxic polymer gel that you can freeze in your home or RV freezer OR heat up in your microwave.  And, your gel strip will last years!  Plus, the gel strip comes wrapped in a soft bandanna cover that can be washed and will also last for years. 

This is the best summer deal you'll ever find for only $7.50 (price includes S & H) !!

The Kawabunga Neck Chiller consists of two parts:

  • A sealed strip of high-tech non-toxic polymer gel that can be frozen OR heated.  Besides using your Neck Chiller to keep yourself cool and comfortable on hot summer days, it's also a cold compress for reducing swelling from injuries.  Plus, you can also heat your gel strip in your home microwave for one minute and use it to sooth sore muscles.  And it will last for YEARS!
  • The 23"x 23" bandanna cover is machine washable.  
  • Our Neck Chillers are available with a bright rainbow of colors.  On the Shopping Page, you can select your cotton cover from; red, maroon, dark blue, light blue, lilac, dark green, desert camouflage, forest camouflage and a large American flag. 

You now get one refreezeable gel strip FREE with the purchase of every Neck Chiller (for a total of two strips !) to double your cooling time.  PLUS, you also get one FREE Neck Chiller with every order of 5 Neck Chillers or more (and you still get your five extra gel strips too, of course !!).  You won't find this summer promotional offer on our shopping page, but it's OK because our Shipping Dept is waiting to include FREE STUFF with your next order.















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